Coloring Services

Coloring Services

We believe you color should represent who you are whether you want it to whisper, talk or short. Hair color should be illuminating, reflective and perfectly “JUST FOR YOU”. By combining different shades to give you that “PERFECT” look, Salon 3:16 delivers color with unequaled results. We only want the best for YOU and strive to achieve it for you. IT’s have it your way at Salon 3:16.

Try Salon 3:16 for Colour Glaze for added color, shine and conditioner in just 10 minutes

This traditional highlighting approach is remarkably versatile, making it an invaluable tool for creating specialized effects. There are ways to creating the look you want without jeopardizing the integrity of your hair. A perfect way to experience highlights for the first time is with a few accents around your face or some peek-a-boo highlights.

Try Salon 3:16 for colour Refresh that slight base breaking to give your highlights that extra boost in between highlights.
Base Highlights: Blazing, Redken/Matrix/Tigi and Blonde me Lightening solutions and Paul Mitchell Lighten Up. All of these lines are used to create the look you want. Salon 3:16 believes that everyone has different hair so we don’t use the same product on them.

Base Color
We use TIGI, Loreal, Redken, Scruples, Matrix, Paul Mitchell  colour lines. All of these lines have an excellent way to cover to blend away gray, enjoy a color change, or maximize natural color.